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From Employee to Entrepreneur, a move so many wish they could make and a move so many are doing right now. Well, first off, it’s not easy and Christine St.Vil share the ins and outs of becoming a success at it, and answers so many questions we wish that successful people would share. You WILL here something that WILL inspire, motivate and/or change what you use to think or do. It’s there perfect follow up show from last weeks episode, STEPPING OUT ON FAITH – WHAT IT REALLY REALLY TAKES. You’ll be ready to step up your game by the end.

Christine has great and helpful programs and tools that she’s created for everyone, so they can be successful on their journey, what ever it may be. 


Here are some links below:

For mompreneurs: goal-setting guide: bit.ly/momlist (5 step guide to conquering mompreneurship)
For those needing some quick help with social media for businessbit.ly/pdmdominate (6 ways to dominate social media for business)
For those looking to simplify, set and smash their 2018 goals and beyond, I created the Whose Shoes Transformational planner with my sister Julian: bit.ly/wsb2018


Instagram: @momsncharge 


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