We do it to ourselves time and time again.


The realization of Body Bashing hit me a bit ago after speaking with a few ladies who shared that they were really unhappy with their bodies.


These beautiful ladies were having great difficulties with finding clothes that they thought looked good on them. ¬†What I thought was most unfortunate, was that they all ended our conversations with a good dose of BODY BASHING. ūüôĀ


Ok, so first things first, what is BODY BASHING?


It’s being unhappy and critical with the body you’re in; your shape, your height, your proportions and¬†your size.

Well the goal of CHICified is always to put as positive, informative and uplifting perspective on things we care about (which is you, our readers).


I’ve narrowed it down and there are two times when this horrible bashing takes place the most.

While shopping and while getting dressed.


What many of us don’t realize while shopping is the fact that the clothes we are trying on or wanting to wear, wasn’t uniquely made for our specific bodies. ¬†What we do is look at a piece we like, try to fit it and become extremely hard on ourselves if it’s not a perfect fit.


All of our lives we have been doing, what I call, Russian Roulette Shopping.

Russian Roulette Shopping is hit or miss shopping. Honestly, we are the ones that get the hit when we miss! It should actually be the opposite! If a designer or store doesn’t have the clothes that’s flattering to your body, then they missed¬†(having you as a buyer) and you need to hit the road (happily to the many other available options out there). ūüôā

If we begin to approach shopping in a new and CHICified frame of mind, we will focus on finding designers and stores that carry pieces that are cut to fit our individual body types.


It may take a bit of effort to lock down all of the ones you love, BUT imagine the fun and fulfillment that you’ll have. Confidently walking into a store, knowing that this is your spot, and it’s all just a matter of picking what you want and not what you have to settle for.


ps. Remember the HUGE options that we will always have when in a pinch… a seamstress and the local dry cleaners for tailoring and alterations.




I'm HERE and I'm BACK!!


I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of months ONLY because I needed to focus on the final planning of our 14th Anniversary¬†RE-DO-WAL (our dream wedding/renewal). I got to marry my Prince all over again!! ‘)


I most definitely will share more¬†photos and details once we receive them from the photographers. I’m hanging on by a string and trying to be patient as I nibble at my nails in great anticipation. lol…

Right now we’re living through the eyes and photos of our dearest friends and family that shared the day with us.


¬†I’ve missed sharing my thoughts, tips and pics with you, BUT that’s being fixed right now! ‘)¬†Another exciting thing that happened, was the launch of our

CHICified Facebook Page. (link)

It has been doing really well so far. Please check it out and press¬†LIKE¬†to enjoy our page and the great things happening! ‘)


¬†Well, it’s CHICified Time…oops, I mean Summer Time!! ‘))

The perfect time and platform for Amazing Style, Incredible Deals and tons of






IMG_20140119_052300-624x1181Some may not be familiar with the acronym LBD, so let me start with that… ‘)

LBD is short for Little Black Dress.

¬†The LBD is one of my recommended “must haves” for every fashionista/womans closet.¬† You may be wondering, what makes a little black dress the “perfect oneAND how much should this “perfectLBD cost you?

20140119_090845-e1396020237520-576x1024There really is a “perfect” little black dress, but I believe there is a perfect one for each and every occassion! ūüėČ You can have one that’s sophisticated, one that’s simple, fun, sexy, spunky and/or funky…… get my drift? ‘))

In other words, NOOO you don’t have to have just one and YES there is definitely more than one “perfect” LBD for each of us!


** A few CHICified things to keep in mind when LBD shopping or hunting:

1)¬† ALWAYS try it before you buy it. Many times it can look drab, boring, ill-shaped or down right ugly on the hanger, but sometimes those odd little gems are the “perfect” ones. Believe me…that’s what happened to me with my “hanger ugly” little gem. ‘)

LBDedit-488x1024I passed it and passed it and passed it, but something about the fabric and the neck line was very appealing.¬† I decided to take my own advice to just try the darn thing on! To my pleasant surprise, I was blown away by the cute style, incredible fabric, flattering fit and then….THE PRICE!!!! ¬†Holy Canoly!!

Let’s just say I most certainly did the FAB FIND HAPPY DANCE in my dressing room!! ūüôā


I accessorized my LBD this time with a vintage leather purse, a gold bangle and necklace. I added some spice to my ensemble with burnt orange tights and black suede pumps. I did a topknot to accentuate the neckline and topped it off with a bold red-orange lipstick.

OK, I know you’re thinking…there’s no way SHAYZON is going to leave us hanging on the price! LOL… Of course not!!! It was……… $8.00!! I kid you not!!

Totally DEAL GURU Worthy!

2)  When selecting an LBD, keep the type/s of occasions in mind that you are purchasing it for.

3)¬† An LBD is an asset because that one dress can become a multi-event garment.¬† By adding different jewelry, shoes, bags, tights, hairstyles, scarves etc. your one LBD can look like 10 different dresses.¬† ( Don’t shy away from adding color to your ensemble.)

4) Select styles that are timeless vs trendy , well tailored and most importantly, styles that accentuate your most flattering features and assets. Stay away from styles and cuts that make feel self conscious and/or insecure. ( There isn’t one particular style that’s recommended for an LBD, go with what looks amazing and makes you feel confident. )

5) SHAYZON’s RACK ATTACK recommendation is to shop and scout department store sale racks, resale stores, boutiques, consignment shops and definitely thrift stores. ( Usually we find the most fabulous things when we don’t need them, so always keep an eye out for that gem before you actually have an event that may require it. )

You most certainly don’t have to break the bank to have “THE PERFECT LBD“.







Hello my name is SHAYZON¬†and I AM A SHOE ADDICT! ‘)

Wondering if you may be too??

a27ce01fb691b4f0a61c902b68304a5f-1Well…let’s see:

1. Do you literally get goose bumps or chills when you see that certain pair of shoe goodness?

shoeblog3edit-200x300tumblr_lxnxdyyOOj1r8qecvo1_500-231x3002. Do you have visions and dreams about those killer pairs of shoes that you may have decided not to purchase?

3. Do you store your shoes in boxes or bags in your closet?

4. Do you place your newly bought shoes on the passenger seat so you can take yet another look at them before you get home?

5. Do you have multiple pairs of shoes that have not yet been worn?

shoeblog6-195x300a338a58abdd3b289de9f1012e6498189-1-300x2256. Have you EVER taken your shoes off during bad weather so your “shoe babies” don’t get soiled?

7. Do you have driving slippers in your car so the heels and back of your shoes won’t be scuffed?

8. Do you know where every single pair of shoes reside in your closet?

9. Do you plan your outfits starting with your shoe?

10. Do you have names for your shoes or shoe collection?


Drum roll please?? Eeeeeeeeeee ‘)

If you have answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, then my darling………. You are officially a SHOE ADDICT!!

Not to worry, SHAYZON has your¬†FIX!! ‘)

TIP 1. If you love stylish shoes and budget is a priority, please don’t deny yourself of blissfully scouting designer stores or browsing online. Keep yourself abreast of the styles you love, because many times off price stores, inconspicuous¬†boutiques and even thrift stores will surprise you with that style you love for a whole lot less. That’s what I call a¬†SHAYZON FAB FIND!

7e7422241e1e0b7f7437626ddb101e7a-200x300TIP 2. Keep a mental or written list on hand of the shoe(s) you feel are necessary but missing from your shoe collection, so when you’re out and about you can be an intelligent shopper by adding not only the shoes you want, but the shoes you need.

TIP 3.¬†If budget is no issue, then¬†shop away! Try not to continuously buy the same pair (same style & color) multiple times!¬†(You’re wasting a new style opportunity.)¬†

We SHOE ADDICTS¬†cringe when that favorite shoe has given it’s all and you realize you can’t find a replica!!

* If…. there is that special pair that you wear frequently or have as a staple shoe¬†(very comfy, goes with everything) in your collection, if possible, I do recommend getting¬†that second pair. Reserve it for when the other one must be placed into retirement. ‘)

SHAYZON’s Tips on how to resuscitate and prolong the life of your favorite shoes, coming soon!!


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