Ten Trending Terms Defined and Explained! Sustainable Tips and Simple Swaps

Ten Trending Sustainable Terms Defined and Explained!

Many people are becoming more interested, excited and intentional in learning about the impact of their daily choices. They’re also very eager to learn about simple and actionable ways that they can live more sustainably.

Have you ever wondered about the actual meaning of some of the terms you hear almost everywhere now?  Like greenwashing, slow fashion, as opposed to fast fashion, upcycling vs recycling? 

On this weeks micro episode, we define and break down ten trending terms that we all hear being used frequently, by individuals and companies.

We also get into some tips, easy swaps and realistic ways that you can start living more sustainably right away. You may be surprised about the things that you’ve already been doing.

Oh! You also don’t want to miss out on the way you can have a ball living sustainably FOR FREE! You read that right! FREE

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The Sewing Serge, The Growing Creators Community And The Divide, With Monica, Founder Of The ~Black Makers Matter~ Coalition


On this weeks episode I go further inside the sewing and creators community. A deeper look at the sewing serge, the growing creators community and the divide within. 

During this pandemic, there has certainly been a great serge (surge) in sewing, along with many other creative outlets. From people making hundreds and even thousands of masks, to others filling the need and desires for creative activities and escape. Let’s just say, this is no longer a dying art.

The Sewing Serge, The Growing Community And The Divide

To speak with me and share insight on this amazing and rapidly growing community is my guest Monica, of That’s Sew Monica and founder of the Black Makers Matter Coalition. We get into the nitty gritty of the highs and unfortunate lows – as it pertains to the lack of inclusion and diversity.

If you’re already a part of the sewing community or have the slightest interest or curiosity about the art industry, this episode is definitely for you.

More than likely you’ll be checking out sewing platforms and hashtags or researching sewing machines by the end of the show. Lol…

Be sure to check out Monica’s platforms, she has a lot of great pots cooking! All of the links are below.

Guest: Monica

Website: www.thatssewmonica.com

Instagram: @thatssewmoinca

Current projects you can participate in with Monica on instagram: @sewyourview and @theprojectsew

Black Makers Matter: @blkmakersmatter


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The Underrecognized And Fascinating World Of Men Who Thrift, With Award Winning Thrift Influencer, Derrick Johnson


On this weeks episode, we look inside The Underrecognized And Fascinating World Of Men Who Thrift.  

Women are always on the forefront when it comes to fashion, which also applies to the thrifting world as well. Men play a huge role in the fashion, thrifting and sustainability community too, and I wanted to bring that well deserved recognition to the forefront, while also speaking with a dapper, thrift savvy and fashionable man about, life as a man with a love for fashion, shoes, thrifting and sustainability.  


This is exactly what I had the opportunity to do, with my guest Derrick Johnson @thriftedgent. Derrick is the 2020 Award Winning Best Male Thrift Influencer and Creator of Sunday Shine.  #SundayShine is his weekly instagram series, filled with incredible high-end, thrifted shoe restorations that will blow your mind. 

We have amazing conversation, great laughs, Derrick shares expert tips and recommendations that we all really do need to know, as thrifters and definitely for men who want to give thrifting a try. Be sure to share this with the men in your your life as well.  We also have a great time and laughs playing my game, Thrift Trivia!  

You definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

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Guest: Derrick Johnson 

Instagram: @thriftedgent 

Instagram Weekly Series: Sunday Shine


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Find Yourself Saying ” I’m Fine” When You’re Not? This Is For You

Saying ” I’m Fine” When You’re Not?

On this episode, we focus on a common and ritualistic response and facade, that we are all very familiar with.

“I’m Fine” an instinctive, non-committal, and many times in-genuine response given to others, far too many times to count. 

Avoiding vital moments to express vulnerability, but opting for this well rehearsed, pleasing and less “burdensome” convenient response. 

But why do we do this? What is this response indicative of? How can we be there for ourselves when we’re “Not Fine”? The simple yet powerful and compassionate ways that we can also genuinely be there for others too. Especially now, when we all truly need each other. 

Click play and let’s get into this. This is a conversation especially for you.

Host Details:

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The Brilliance Of Thrifting And It’s Connection To Sustainability With Ethical Blogger, Tyler Chanel.


The Brilliance Of Thrifting and It’s Connection To Sustainability. An episode packed with insider tips, great information you definitely should know, and a thrifting game that will leave you laughing and scratching your head. 😉

My guest is the amazing Tyler Chanel, an ethical blogger, avid thrifter, model, and digital creator. 

You’re personally invited to be a part of our in-depth and enlightening conversation about, The Brilliance Of Thrifting and It’s Connection To Sustainability.  Trust me, you will leave learning something new about thrifting and/or sustainability, that you can start doing and using right now.

The Brilliance Of Thrifting And It’s Connection To Sustainability

Guest Details: 

Name: Tyler Chanel

Website: www.thriftsandtangles.com

Instagram: @thriftsandtangles

Tyler has created, TAKE A CHANCE THURSDAY. You can participate every Thursday on her instagram platform. It includes three hashtags: #givethriftingachance #givesustainabilityachance #givenaturalselfachance

For a copy of THRIFTING LIKE A PRO, a detailed and downloadable thrifting guide, head to Tylers website.

Host Details:

Name: Shayzon

Website: www.shayzon.com

Instagram: @shayzon

Show instagram: @theskinnipodcast

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We’re Back! WTH 2020!? You Can’t Make This Up!

A very honest, transparent and vulnerable episode.  Personal things never publicly discussed before, walking away from it all, at the height of my career. Is there such a thing as having it all? Self, kids, family, successful career, happiness and “balance”?? Sacrifices made, are there regrets? The pandemic, mental health and coping. An open conversation about it all, with a very special guest.

You’re personally invited to celebrate with us for the return of THE SKINNI W/ SHAYZON! Plus, a great bonus bit of information about something you may be doing right now, that’s affecting you in ways you never knew before.

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Below are links to see just some of the amazing art work from today’s guest, Michael-René. He has been an artist and creative professional for 25yrs. As a HUGE history buff and a complete genius at “sofa” Jeopardy, he looks to the past to gain insight on how best to navigate the present. 🙂



We would love to hear from you! Get in on the conversations and drop us a line. We mean it when we say it, your thoughts are important to us.

Hugs and Love to you

IT’S TIME! Season 3 of THE SKINNI W/ SHAYZON is here! ~ TRAILER ~

Are you someone that wants to feel seen, heard, valued and loved? Do you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and enlightenment, on topics that impacts our lives as women, wave makers, creators, fashion lovers, beautiful people of color, and uplifters? Then THE SKINNI W/ SHAYZON is the podcast and community for you! 

I’m SHAYZON, pulling back veils and getting down to the nitty gritty is what I will do! As a result, feeling enlightened, inspired and/or empowered is what you will do! 🙂 Subscribe now to THE SKINNI W/ SHAYZON for the incredible adventure and laughs that SEASON 3 has in store!

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ℌ𝔦 𝔅𝔢𝔞𝔲𝔱𝔦𝔣𝔲𝔩!

I’m sitting here in front of this laptop typing a line, then deleting the line… oy! I’m so excited and trying to decide what to tell and show you first! Eeeee… Before I go one step further, if you are reading this, my sincerest thanks to you for sharing your time with me.


WELL, let me start quickly at the very beginning of this new chapter. My hubby, got a promotion, and that wonderful promotion opened up this amazing opportunity for our family to relocate. We just moved all the way across the country, from Atlanta to LA! There you have it, the impetus to this all!


This move has been so incredible, beautiful and enlightening. I’ve been documenting our time of discovering LA; the mountains, the flowers, the food, the cafes’, the fashion, the vintage, the deals, the people, the LA lifestyle and of course the family. With all of our friends and family so far away now, this will be a great way to also visually communicate the experience with everyone. As we try to settle in and navigate our way through this major change and transition in our lives, there is so much to learn and discover, which in turn becomes so much to share.


I’m a keep-it-real, good-crazy kinda lady, so I’ll also be sharing about being a mommy to teens / 2 high schoolers (insert crazy eyes) in a new city!


Well, here we go! Let the Discovering LA blogging chapter BEGIN!



Of course one of the greatly anticipated outings for the kids, prior to moving here, was going to The Santa Monica Pier. Going to see the ocean was a must and first on the list. They were both so excited about the move. My kids, especially London, are major planners and researchers. London created a Moving List, a Packing List, a Must See List and a Must Do List, all prior to us even purchasing the first moving box. LOL… 😉 Needless to say, we have quite a bit to get done, now that we’re here Discovering LA!



My hubby thought it would be a great experience to take the train/Metro from downtown LA out to the pier. After living in New York and taking the subway there, I wasn’t quite sure about what to envision or expect with the train system here. Not only was it a great experience, it was also very convenient. Finding a place to park on the streets close by can be challenging and the parking garages and lots can get expensive too. So keep the metro option in mind for when you visit or even if you already live here.



We were pleasantly surprised with how clean and bright the underground station was. I don’t know about the other stops, but this stop downtown was great. 😉 It was $1.75 each way, per person and really economical. FYI, the metro also has day passes for $7.





It was truly a beautiful day. Artists, singers and performers were everywhere. The yummy smell of seafood and churros filled the air, while all the laughter and music filled the soul. You can grab a quick bite as your stroll down the pier or if you’re in the mood for sit-down dining, there are great restaurants overlooking the water as well. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is absolutely delicious! The seafood is finger-licking scrumptious! heehee 😉 Saw what I did there?

Hugs & Kisses Honey Bunnies! 



white denim shorts, H&M

similar pink sneakers, Nike

similar pink sweatshirt, Amazon




Our Special Time Together Is The Most Expensive Gift I Can Give My Daughter, London

The Christmas holiday break from school started on Friday, just a couple days before Christmas Day, which fell on a MONDAY! (it def. felt a little odd). Saturday morning London told me, while we were hanging out in the kitchen, that she wasn’t really feeling the holiday spirit like she usually does. As momma, that made my heart sink a bit. I immediately felt myself go into “FIX IT” mode. LOL… Moms you know that feeling! 🙂 With midterm exams leading right up to the holiday break this time, I totally got where she was coming from. The break usually gives the kids a few days or a week leading up to the actual Christmas Day. Most evenings were spent inside studying, instead of being out and about seeing the lights, shopping and feeling the holiday energy together as a family.

One quick switcharoo that I decided to quickly do after our talk, was to wrap the gifts and put them under the tree a couple days earlier than our tradition, which is while they’re sleeping the night before Christmas. We wrapped SOME gifts together and she tried to sneak a peek on the others. Her job with her older brother Arlington, was to crank up the reggae Christmas music while they organized the gifts under the tree. I did begin to see the holidays spirit on their faces which was awesome!

Another thing I realized that was missing from the holidays for her, was the one-on-one time that we usually spend together leading up to the big day – Jesus’ Birthday Celebration Dinner. 😉 Even though family was in town visiting, I knew this was time together that I wasn’t going to compromise or skip with London. So I started planning our mommy daughter date right away. Hence our awesome Mani Pedi Day at Sugarcoat Nail and Beauty Bar

Not only did we need that time together, I honestly needed that time for rejuvenation as well. After a full house of 30 guests over on Christmas, all of the dining decor, cooking and baking that goes into that, which starts days before AND my SWOLLEN ACHING FEET the next day… I was all in for that sugar scrub massage. LOL… ALL IN!!!!! 🙂 I asked Leslie who did my pedi to give me all she had, while she was doing my massage. We both cracked up because she knew exactly what I meant.

I didn’t want us to go to just a regular nail salon, especially since we haven’t visited one in years. YUP years, around 3 yrs to be exact. I’ve been doing London’s and my own nails and actually enjoying that as my me-time or mommy and me time. I wanted a salon that didn’t feel like an assembly line of feet. LMBO… I hoped for somewhere cute and intimate for us to hang out together and that’s exactly what Sugarcoat is. It’s about 45mins from home and was completely worth the drive. It’s definitely going to be my little get away treat spot. 😉

Happiest New Year Everyone!!


Fall Wardrobe Essentials



It’s never an overly exciting time for me personally, when Summer comes to a screeching halt and the temperature begins to fall. What makes it an even more challenging season FOR ME, is when the temperature imitates an unpredictable rollercoaster ride. Every year I try to force myself to find fashionable & fun Fall fashion pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe, in the attempts of not falling into a hum drum style rut. I haven’t always been successful. When it’s really cold, it’s all about survival for me! Mostly resembling a walking comforter. LOL… 😉  Over the years I’ve had my Fall and Winter go-to uniform. My uniform includes skinny jeans, boots, sweaters and huge coats. Though that combo can be amazing with great pieces, when on repeat, it can become a very boring and repetitive look. It can quickly sucks the excitement and/or motivation out of being a fashionable Fall dresser. This year I put my foot down with myself and it’s actually been fun so far. I’ve come across a couple great Fall Finds so far, and of course wanted to share. Hey, I may not be the only one struggling during the Fall and Winter months. 😉



An absolutely fantastic Fall essential, is faux leather pants or leggings. It is so versatile, comfy, warm and layerable, especially in these ever changing Fall temperatures. It can be easily dressed up or down. They can also be seamlessly paired with pumps, boots, booties, sneakers, dresses, trench coats, blazers, bomber jackets, skirts, shirts and sweaters.  Sounds like a win win to me! OH! Let me not forget to mention how AH-MAZE-BALLS they make your legs look too! Hello… will take two please. 😉


Colors and textures are great to incorporate into Fall. Not just the typical and predictable hues and textures of the season, but shake things up and go for the unexpected. Remember no rules apply here! 😉 Fur, sequin, glitter, leather, reds, cobalt blues, pinks, whites and dark wine shades are a few ideas to start with. This reversible faux fur, satin camouflage bomber jacket is so vibrant and fun. This is a piece that can be dressed up or down as well, and can be worn with just about anything and still fit in. This is definitely a staple and statement piece. Dare yourself and go for it! 😉



About The Look:

Bomber Jacket + Faux Leather Leggings + Backpack: www.loverosecouture.com

Olive Green Suede Pumps: An oldie but goody from my closet. Alternative option – www.lulus.com

My Mane & Curlshttps://www.curls.biz



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