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I’m sitting here in front of this laptop typing a line, then deleting the line… oy! I’m so excited and trying to decide what to tell and show you first! Eeeee… Before I go one step further, if you are reading this, my sincerest thanks to you for sharing your time with me.


WELL, let me start quickly at the very beginning of this new chapter. My hubby, got a promotion, and that wonderful promotion opened up this amazing opportunity for our family to relocate. We just moved all the way across the country, from Atlanta to LA! There you have it, the impetus to this all!


This move has been so incredible, beautiful and enlightening. I’ve been documenting our time of discovering LA; the mountains, the flowers, the food, the cafes’, the fashion, the vintage, the deals, the people, the LA lifestyle and of course the family. With all of our friends and family so far away now, this will be a great way to also visually communicate the experience with everyone. As we try to settle in and navigate our way through this major change and transition in our lives, there is so much to learn and discover, which in turn becomes so much to share.


I’m a keep-it-real, good-crazy kinda lady, so I’ll also be sharing about being a mommy to teens / 2 high schoolers (insert crazy eyes) in a new city!


Well, here we go! Let the Discovering LA blogging chapter BEGIN!



Of course one of the greatly anticipated outings for the kids, prior to moving here, was going to The Santa Monica Pier. Going to see the ocean was a must and first on the list. They were both so excited about the move. My kids, especially London, are major planners and researchers. London created a Moving List, a Packing List, a Must See List and a Must Do List, all prior to us even purchasing the first moving box. LOL… 😉 Needless to say, we have quite a bit to get done, now that we’re here Discovering LA!



My hubby thought it would be a great experience to take the train/Metro from downtown LA out to the pier. After living in New York and taking the subway there, I wasn’t quite sure about what to envision or expect with the train system here. Not only was it a great experience, it was also very convenient. Finding a place to park on the streets close by can be challenging and the parking garages and lots can get expensive too. So keep the metro option in mind for when you visit or even if you already live here.



We were pleasantly surprised with how clean and bright the underground station was. I don’t know about the other stops, but this stop downtown was great. 😉 It was $1.75 each way, per person and really economical. FYI, the metro also has day passes for $7.





It was truly a beautiful day. Artists, singers and performers were everywhere. The yummy smell of seafood and churros filled the air, while all the laughter and music filled the soul. You can grab a quick bite as your stroll down the pier or if you’re in the mood for sit-down dining, there are great restaurants overlooking the water as well. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is absolutely delicious! The seafood is finger-licking scrumptious! heehee 😉 Saw what I did there?

Hugs & Kisses Honey Bunnies! 



white denim shorts, H&M

similar pink sneakers, Nike

similar pink sweatshirt, Amazon




The Travelers Diary


DAY 1:


Ahhh Paris, the flight is long but the great anticipation blurs it all.  As the plane descends and the morning light creeps through the windows, the excitement escalates and an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness sets in.


Well, here we go…yet again, I’m reassured that dreams DO come true!! ☺️


The 9yr old little girl in me that created this dream is elated, knowing that I’ve held on to her dream and have never let it go.


The streets, the architecture, the buildings and the people are all so captivating. Everything that I’ve imagined and so much more, right here before my very eyes. This feeling is electric!!



Flying through the night was a brilliant move. Being able to arrive in the morning and have the entire day ahead, turns out to be a wonderful start to this trip.


I must take a moment to acknowledge my first CHICified encounter in Paris. I present to you… The Airport Ladies Room! I must confess, I’m so taken by the sleek decor and the fabulous color combination, that I completely forget why I’m even in here. At this very moment, I know that this is going to be one heck of a city to explore.



While walking through these streets and flower shops and passing by all the eclectic boutiques and cafes, I’m realizing more and more that I feel right at home.


This day has been filled with colorful moments and memories.  Well, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do! 😉 Off to the cafe for supper, socializing and a recap of this amazing day.


_DSC0437The “highlight” of the evening, discovering that this is what 10pm looks like in Paris!

Perfection! 😉

***All images were taken by and belong to SHAYZON, our very own Editor-in-Chief.***




Party planning can be quite a task sometimes. Ok, let’s keep it honest, it’s quite a task every time! lol… 😉

What we’ve discovered at CHICified through trial and error, is the importance of simplifying the planning process into specific steps.

The two MAJOR must haves:wpid-screenshot_2015-06-26-09-27-14.png

1. Order Of Operation List

2. To Do List

TIP: TO DO LIST apps are awesome! You don’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper. Just don’t lose your phone! lol… 😉

DIMDo It Myself (Found in the CHICified Dictionary)




Today we’re focusing on an area of the To Do List that has people a bit uncertain.  THE CENTER PIECE.

The importance of a center piece on a dinner party table (buffet or sit down) is a very important decision to your event and most certainly a personal choice.

It all comes down to the ambiance you are creating and your personal taste and style.

TIP: Shayzon loves having a center piece on her table when entertaining,  but she doesn’t believe that it always has to be with flowers.

There is no right or wrong decision about having a center piece. If you choose to have one, it can definitely be visually appealing and also a great conversation piece.


Going to a florist or ordering custom made arrangements is an awesome option if time allows and you’re financially able to.  A DIY/DIM approach is also fantastic and a very CHICified way to go. Not only does it become your signature creation like the ones created by Shayzon in these pictures, but it’s fun, personalized and very cost effective.

Shayzon (CHICified‘s Editor-in-Chief) shared these pictures of the center pieces from her Premier Party for her new show Mother Funder on Bravo.  She worked with flowers from the local supermarket and a vase shaped like a purse made from moss that she found at a flower wholesale warehouse.

These beautiful center pieces most certainly became a conversation piece at this dinner party. 😉


For directions on how to create your own CHICified DIY/DIM flower arrangement, check out:


OUR CHICified 5!


CHICified believes in taking time for visual inspiration.

Here are a few gorgeous pics that we fell inlove with over the weekend.





Note from the Editor:

In this world that we occupy, there is beauty to be admired and inspiration to gain. Be present in your moments and have your eyes be your camera.


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