Ten Trending Terms Defined and Explained! Sustainable Tips and Simple Swaps

Ten Trending Sustainable Terms Defined and Explained!

Many people are becoming more interested, excited and intentional in learning about the impact of their daily choices. They’re also very eager to learn about simple and actionable ways that they can live more sustainably.

Have you ever wondered about the actual meaning of some of the terms you hear almost everywhere now?  Like greenwashing, slow fashion, as opposed to fast fashion, upcycling vs recycling? 

On this weeks micro episode, we define and break down ten trending terms that we all hear being used frequently, by individuals and companies.

We also get into some tips, easy swaps and realistic ways that you can start living more sustainably right away. You may be surprised about the things that you’ve already been doing.

Oh! You also don’t want to miss out on the way you can have a ball living sustainably FOR FREE! You read that right! FREE

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