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The Travelers Diary


DAY 2:

As morning breaks and the sunlight begins to creep in through the drapes, I feel as soft tap on my shoulder, my eyes pop open and it hits me… IT’S MY FIRST MORNING WAKING UP IN PARIS! Wow, I have dreamt of this very moment for so long. I immediately spring from the bed and run over to the french doors to say a prayer of thanks and to take in the sweet morning air.


Today will be a day of exploration. Getting out to as many other areas as possible in Paris is the goal. 😉  It was very tempting to prebook tours and excursions, but after alot of thought and knowing our personalities, the freedom of going where ever we choose at our own pace, seems alot more enticing.  First things first, at this moment there’s a rumbling within me that more than likely can only be satisfied with some hot tea, baked goods and an egg white omelet. Lol… I’m a happy foodie! 😉









SHAYZON’s TRAVEL TIP: The hotel site is a great source for places to eat & visit and for exciting things happening around the city. Not to mention the two great magazines (WHERE & PARIS) in the room. Personally mapping out each day based on research and input from the incredibly helpful and funny concierge is working out really well.


This morning we’re venturing a bit outside of Paris to one of their largest markets called Marche’ de Saint-Denis. The market is filled with a plethora of vendors. There are rows of fruits, herbs, vegetables and seafood, topped off with laughter and a myriad of beautiful languages.   20150712_132605


One of the key recommendations from our concierge Antoine, “Always be mindful of crowded spaces, my pockets and my purse.” NOTE TAKEN! 😉



In the midst of walking through the crowd, the laughter of two little girls is piercing through and as we continue to shuffle through, the crowd breaks and there they were, just as happy as ever. One thing I love about laughter, it has no language barrier.


This is such a colorful and rich experience. So much to see but not enough time to see it all. We will definitely have to come again. This marche’ has everything you can think of and so much more.

20150712_134002  Well the adventure continues with a trip on the subway and lets not forget a quick photo of hubby and yours truly. lol.. 😉


SHAYZON’s TRAVEL TIP: It’s really convenient to get cash/euro from the ATM machines, but I recommend speaking with your bank prior to traveling to let them know where you’ll be and the dates that you’ll be there. Most importantly, ask your rep if there will be any bank fees for card usage or service fees from the places charging your card while you’re away. This helps to prevent your charges being denied in a country where you may not be able to quickly contact your bank and also preventing a huge shock of bank charges for every transaction when you return home.



Traveling back into the city from Saint-Denis is another excellent opportunity to capture more of the architectural beauty that laces Paris. (psst…did you notice the lady on the balcony?) 😉


Back in Paris and it’s time for lunch and the second half of the day.

I think I belong here. 😉


***All images were taken by and belong to SHAYZON, our very own Editor-in-Chief.***

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  1. NickyB says:

    Everything looks beautiful. I absolutely love the architecture and details! Love the tea and baked goods as well.

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