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The Travelers Diary


DAY 1:


Ahhh Paris, the flight is long but the great anticipation blurs it all.  As the plane descends and the morning light creeps through the windows, the excitement escalates and an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness sets in.


Well, here we go…yet again, I’m reassured that dreams DO come true!! ☺️


The 9yr old little girl in me that created this dream is elated, knowing that I’ve held on to her dream and have never let it go.


The streets, the architecture, the buildings and the people are all so captivating. Everything that I’ve imagined and so much more, right here before my very eyes. This feeling is electric!!



Flying through the night was a brilliant move. Being able to arrive in the morning and have the entire day ahead, turns out to be a wonderful start to this trip.


I must take a moment to acknowledge my first CHICified encounter in Paris. I present to you… The Airport Ladies Room! I must confess, I’m so taken by the sleek decor and the fabulous color combination, that I completely forget why I’m even in here. At this very moment, I know that this is going to be one heck of a city to explore.



While walking through these streets and flower shops and passing by all the eclectic boutiques and cafes, I’m realizing more and more that I feel right at home.


This day has been filled with colorful moments and memories.  Well, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do! 😉 Off to the cafe for supper, socializing and a recap of this amazing day.


_DSC0437The “highlight” of the evening, discovering that this is what 10pm looks like in Paris!

Perfection! 😉

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