Find Yourself Saying ” I’m Fine” When You’re Not? This Is For You

Posted on: October 16th, 2020 by SHAYZON

Saying ” I’m Fine” When You’re Not?

On this episode, we focus on a common and ritualistic response and facade, that we are all very familiar with.

“I’m Fine” an instinctive, non-committal, and many times in-genuine response given to others, far too many times to count. 

Avoiding vital moments to express vulnerability, but opting for this well rehearsed, pleasing and less “burdensome” convenient response. 

But why do we do this? What is this response indicative of? How can we be there for ourselves when we’re “Not Fine”? The simple yet powerful and compassionate ways that we can also genuinely be there for others too. Especially now, when we all truly need each other. 

Click play and let’s get into this. This is a conversation especially for you.

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