No matter what your style, taste, interests or desires may be, there is a place for you in LA!

One of the beautiful things about starting life in a brand new place, is that there is a genuine excitement, hunger and appreciation for just about everything, no matter how small. lol…  I found myself praying the other day, while driving, that I won’t ever lose the awe and amazement that I feel for the little things. Especially for all the different types of food, vintage, art, flowers and incredible mountain views every where.


That being said, I had to share this insane sidewalk sale that I came across in Hollywood while Discovering LA. The experience was quite hilarious, especially because I was a first timer to this weekly “EVENT”. The pic and sign aren’t deceiving your eyes, everything is really $1 on Sundays. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, turns out that there is a complete strategy necessary to acquiring these pieces. There are rules, there is a stand-off, a whistle, and swiftness is of the utmost importance. I’m laughing just thinking of how confused and lost I felt when it all began. I couldn’t believe that this was an actual thing. 😉



SO here goes the quick rundown.

There are about 20 plastic wrapped bails of clothes, lined up on the floor. No one can see what’s inside, BUT everyone there positioned themselves beside the one think will be a good one. Two men came outside and everyone had to step away from the bails and wait for the men to give the run down of the rules, yup rules. At a specific time every Sunday, the men walk through the bails and cut the straps and plastic off. At this point all the clothes spill out, everyone HAS TO STAY STILL, and you cannot rush the clothes. During those intense moments, I looked around at everyone (my error), I should have been strategizing and intensely scanning the clothes, like I noticed EVERYONE else doing. Once the men gave the go ahead, everyone there made such a dive. lmbo… You have to grab as much clothes as possible, in one scoop and step out of the way (pretty much like that old claw game in the arcade). You then quickly go through and analyze the pieces that you got in your own little corner. Rule is that you put back the things you don’t want into the original central location. Let me tell you, it was like a sporting event, with how well strategized and intensional everyone their was. Clearly, something they’ve done a time to 20 before! 😉



There was an extremely wide variety of options there. I found a couple of really great things! All for $1 each! My fav was a vibrant silk sari.

Now that I understand the process of it all, if I wanted to take on this hilarious experience again, I know I could really rack up.  When my girlfriends come to visit, this is definitely on the list of things-to-experience here in LA!

And BTW, I was SO improperly dressed for this! I was sweating bullets in my vintage floral maxi dress and sequin open back heels. That’s what happens when you stick in a sidewalk sale between church and a quick supermarket run. 🙂





xoxo Honey Bunnies!





Vintage Dress: Beacon’s Closet – NYC

Shoes: Estate Sale – ATL

Bag: Canal Street Vendor – NYC

Shades: Betsey Johnson





Hi Beautiful!

Welcome to the first of my Cafe Friday series!



Prior to moving to LA, I started compiling a list of places to see. I looked online and did the typical tourist search inquires. After we arrived, I became so excited about all the random “little nooks” and “off the beaten path” locations that I was coming across.  One Friday morning, when I woke up, the idea of heading to a Cafe came to mind.  I immediately got dressed and told London to get dressed for our little outing. I got onto ” the google” (as my mom so confidently calls it), popped in cafes in LA, randomly chose one (based on the cute image of course) and then we headed right over.



Why Cafe’s? I’ve come to realize that independently owned, neighborhood cafe’s are typically in the heart of a community. Cafe’s are a place where the baristas know your name or your order after a while. It’s a getaway from home to get work done on your laptop, have a quick meeting, grab a morning joe or breakfast, meet a friend, or my personal fav, EAT with an awesome cup of tea or coffee. 😉  I figured what better way to become truly familiar with my new city than with FOOD! lol…  I randomly pick a cute cafe, in a new neighborhood or area to visit every Friday morning.  Not only do I get to try out great muffins, cookies, avocado toasts and/or sandwiches, but Cafe Friday allows me to drive to and through new areas that I otherwise wouldn’t. A major bonus to this, is the friendly people that I’ve gotten to speak with as well. I love it and look forward to it so much, especially because of the mommy daughter time and crazy/hilarious conversations that I get to have with London! 😉



We had such a great time, the Winsome cafe was wonderful. We chose egg sandwiches from their menu – which were absolutely delicious. The loads of thick and juicy bacon that came with the sandwich, was mouthwatering. The service and hosts were amazing from the moment we walked through the doors. We actually got there a few minutes before the kitchen opened, but regardless, they allowed us to sit and start with tea and water while we waited. The environment, decor and wallpaper was awesome. They also have a really cute and large outdoor patio area, I’ll definitely go for the outdoor experience when I return. Through this little excursion, we also discovered Echo Park, a cute, eclectic and very artsy neighborhood, just mins outside of downtown LA. By the time we got back home, I knew that this was going to become my Friday tradition and unique way of really Discovering LA.



So that I can share the experience in real time, every Friday I capture video snips and pics of the chosen cafe, to share with you on my insta-stories. I follow up with my honest review, funny things I may have encountered and way more pics, right here on the blog. If you haven’t started enjoying Cafe Fridays with me yet, definitely check out @shayzon on Fridays or catch up by clicking on the Cafe Highlight, to see inside these cute cafe’s around LA.


Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!! To top it all off, after a lovely breakfast at Winsome cafe and loads of laughs, when I got back to the car, which was parked across the street from the cafe, I had a beautiful pink parking ticket awaiting my return (at least it was my favorite color). My second discovery of the morning… there is alternate side, street parking all around LA.  Always remember to check for the street signs when parking. Needless to say, my first Cafe Friday breakfast was an expensive one. 😉 #youliveandyoulearn 




*All images taken by SHAYZON

** All food eaten by SHAYZON 😉


ℌ𝔦 𝔅𝔢𝔞𝔲𝔱𝔦𝔣𝔲𝔩!

I’m sitting here in front of this laptop typing a line, then deleting the line… oy! I’m so excited and trying to decide what to tell and show you first! Eeeee… Before I go one step further, if you are reading this, my sincerest thanks to you for sharing your time with me.


WELL, let me start quickly at the very beginning of this new chapter. My hubby, got a promotion, and that wonderful promotion opened up this amazing opportunity for our family to relocate. We just moved all the way across the country, from Atlanta to LA! There you have it, the impetus to this all!


This move has been so incredible, beautiful and enlightening. I’ve been documenting our time of discovering LA; the mountains, the flowers, the food, the cafes’, the fashion, the vintage, the deals, the people, the LA lifestyle and of course the family. With all of our friends and family so far away now, this will be a great way to also visually communicate the experience with everyone. As we try to settle in and navigate our way through this major change and transition in our lives, there is so much to learn and discover, which in turn becomes so much to share.


I’m a keep-it-real, good-crazy kinda lady, so I’ll also be sharing about being a mommy to teens / 2 high schoolers (insert crazy eyes) in a new city!


Well, here we go! Let the Discovering LA blogging chapter BEGIN!



Of course one of the greatly anticipated outings for the kids, prior to moving here, was going to The Santa Monica Pier. Going to see the ocean was a must and first on the list. They were both so excited about the move. My kids, especially London, are major planners and researchers. London created a Moving List, a Packing List, a Must See List and a Must Do List, all prior to us even purchasing the first moving box. LOL… 😉 Needless to say, we have quite a bit to get done, now that we’re here Discovering LA!



My hubby thought it would be a great experience to take the train/Metro from downtown LA out to the pier. After living in New York and taking the subway there, I wasn’t quite sure about what to envision or expect with the train system here. Not only was it a great experience, it was also very convenient. Finding a place to park on the streets close by can be challenging and the parking garages and lots can get expensive too. So keep the metro option in mind for when you visit or even if you already live here.



We were pleasantly surprised with how clean and bright the underground station was. I don’t know about the other stops, but this stop downtown was great. 😉 It was $1.75 each way, per person and really economical. FYI, the metro also has day passes for $7.





It was truly a beautiful day. Artists, singers and performers were everywhere. The yummy smell of seafood and churros filled the air, while all the laughter and music filled the soul. You can grab a quick bite as your stroll down the pier or if you’re in the mood for sit-down dining, there are great restaurants overlooking the water as well. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is absolutely delicious! The seafood is finger-licking scrumptious! heehee 😉 Saw what I did there?

Hugs & Kisses Honey Bunnies! 



white denim shorts, H&M

similar pink sneakers, Nike

similar pink sweatshirt, Amazon





Designing & Decorating The Jamaican Christmas Tree

One of the most exciting days and projects of my career!! This was such an honor!🎈

I was asked and contracted to design and decorate the Christmas tree representing 🇯🇲 Jamaica, on behalf of the Diplomat of Jamaica, for Jamaica (😊) by the Jamaican Tourist Board and Director of International Affairs.

The Jamaican Christmas Tree is displayed in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport in the International Terminal, Concourse F. Along with 11 other trees, each representing a different country. 💃🏾

The official Winter Wonderland Tree Lighting Ceremony for all the trees, including the American tree, took place on Nov. 29th. This annual tradition was spearheaded by Alrene Barr, Head of International Affairs, three years ago. This celebration is now a greatly anticipated holiday festivity in the International Airport. Each year Consulates representing the 12 countries and trees are in attendance for the grand lighting, adding their cultural ornament to the American tree.

The entire process was such a joy!! I made photo ornaments, with outstanding and recognizable images from Jamaica’s culture and community, the gifts ( Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff vinyl record sleeves) under the tree, the custom made ribbons, the gown and head piece for the tree topper doll, which represents our highly revered Jamaican culture. These fabrics and colors are worn with great pride. Every detail, down to the strategically placed flags on the dolls gown, was done with loads of pride and love.

SIDE NOTE: I was so focused, I didn’t even realize that I worked the stitches right out from my shirt. lmbo… 🙂

If you’re traveling for the holidays, keep an eye out, you can’t miss it! It will be there until early January. 😊
Let me know if you see it and take pics!😘




The CHICified girl Initiative Is A Sisterhood & A Movement!

CHICified girl Initiative

The CHICified girl Initiative was birthed from my heart. The motivation and empowerment of girls, young and old is imperative.

Who are you CHICified girl?  I am confident and driven by my dreams. I succeed because I am strong, determined, and full of heart.

CHICified girl Initiative

I migrated to the states from Jamaica when I was nine years old. (Not that long ago! lol…) 🙂 I had no idea that the CHICified girl Initiative was a part of my destiny. I remember very vividly, the feeling of amazement and the long drive from the airport. I looked out the window at the many lanes and roads going over our heads and wondered how in the world would I ever learn my way around in this HUGE place. I felt like a little ant! 🙂


CHICified girl Initiative

As time went on, I became so excited with all that I was seeing. I couldn’t wait to go back to Jamaica to share with all my friends about my experience and to tell them about this place that was made for giants. Well, my family and I made a life here in the states and I never lost my desire of wanting to go back and share all the exciting stories. My stories evolved over the years, into major experiences and life lessons. I developed a sense of urgency and obligation to share those lessons and to give back. Empowering girls and ladies with positive tools along with how I maneuvered the challenging paths I faced from youth to adulthood.


CHICified girl Initiative

I am so excited to say that a couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of accomplishing my dream!! Right back at home in Jamaica, where it all started for me. Launching The CHICified girl Initiative at Liberty Academy At The Priory with the same age group of girls that reflected the time in my life when I migrated, meant the world to me. CHICified girl is a sisterhood and a movement that will positively infect the world.

CHICified girl Initiative

Though we are in the early phase, I believe that the sky is the limit. Teaching little girls, teens, young adults and young ladies to value themselves highly, believe in their dreams, to set high goals, to be kind and honorable beings, to be positive and determined, to own their bodies and beauty and to care and uplift each other, not just in words but through actions, are lessons that can never be over taught and characteristics that will never fail them.

CHICified girl Initiative

I learned so much from the girls. The experience had made me even more determined to go forward. The heart of a little girl is so precious and impressionable and should be treated that way. Dreams do come true and I want them to know that and believe that.



THE CHICified 5!



What is inspiration?

AThe action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. Something that gives someone an idea about what to do or create. A force or influence that inspires someone.


Be Inspired!


With the spirit of the holidays permeating through the air, you can’t help but want to dress things up a bit (both yourself and your surroundings).  Accommodating the exhilarating feeling of celebration, romance and precious moments with love ones, are all just a part of the festivities. 😉



 Create Your Happy Space!

Simple changes to your wardrobe choices and the accessories in your home, can spice things up a great deal!

Shayzon $$ Tip: Switching accessories, including accent pillows and pictures from one room to the other and rearranging the placement, is a CHICified and savvy way to recreate your space without spending a dime! 


Note from the Editor:

Our Fashion, Beauty, Food or Decor are all different things that we personally have control of.  During this time of year, color, scents, sequin, glitter, sparkles, lights, candles, fur, frills and flowers (whew that’s a lot! lol..) are all amazing details and accessories. We can subtly or boldly incorporate these things into our ensembles and decor to create a holiday lifestyle that is CHICified.

Leave a little glitter as you go! 😉


*photo inspirations from the web*


The Travelers Diary


DAY 2:

As morning breaks and the sunlight begins to creep in through the drapes, I feel as soft tap on my shoulder, my eyes pop open and it hits me… IT’S MY FIRST MORNING WAKING UP IN PARIS! Wow, I have dreamt of this very moment for so long. I immediately spring from the bed and run over to the french doors to say a prayer of thanks and to take in the sweet morning air.


Today will be a day of exploration. Getting out to as many other areas as possible in Paris is the goal. 😉  It was very tempting to prebook tours and excursions, but after alot of thought and knowing our personalities, the freedom of going where ever we choose at our own pace, seems alot more enticing.  First things first, at this moment there’s a rumbling within me that more than likely can only be satisfied with some hot tea, baked goods and an egg white omelet. Lol… I’m a happy foodie! 😉









SHAYZON’s TRAVEL TIP: The hotel site is a great source for places to eat & visit and for exciting things happening around the city. Not to mention the two great magazines (WHERE & PARIS) in the room. Personally mapping out each day based on research and input from the incredibly helpful and funny concierge is working out really well.


This morning we’re venturing a bit outside of Paris to one of their largest markets called Marche’ de Saint-Denis. The market is filled with a plethora of vendors. There are rows of fruits, herbs, vegetables and seafood, topped off with laughter and a myriad of beautiful languages.   20150712_132605


One of the key recommendations from our concierge Antoine, “Always be mindful of crowded spaces, my pockets and my purse.” NOTE TAKEN! 😉



In the midst of walking through the crowd, the laughter of two little girls is piercing through and as we continue to shuffle through, the crowd breaks and there they were, just as happy as ever. One thing I love about laughter, it has no language barrier.


This is such a colorful and rich experience. So much to see but not enough time to see it all. We will definitely have to come again. This marche’ has everything you can think of and so much more.

20150712_134002  Well the adventure continues with a trip on the subway and lets not forget a quick photo of hubby and yours truly. lol.. 😉


SHAYZON’s TRAVEL TIP: It’s really convenient to get cash/euro from the ATM machines, but I recommend speaking with your bank prior to traveling to let them know where you’ll be and the dates that you’ll be there. Most importantly, ask your rep if there will be any bank fees for card usage or service fees from the places charging your card while you’re away. This helps to prevent your charges being denied in a country where you may not be able to quickly contact your bank and also preventing a huge shock of bank charges for every transaction when you return home.



Traveling back into the city from Saint-Denis is another excellent opportunity to capture more of the architectural beauty that laces Paris. (psst…did you notice the lady on the balcony?) 😉


Back in Paris and it’s time for lunch and the second half of the day.

I think I belong here. 😉


***All images were taken by and belong to SHAYZON, our very own Editor-in-Chief.***


The Travelers Diary


DAY 1:


Ahhh Paris, the flight is long but the great anticipation blurs it all.  As the plane descends and the morning light creeps through the windows, the excitement escalates and an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness sets in.


Well, here we go…yet again, I’m reassured that dreams DO come true!! ☺️


The 9yr old little girl in me that created this dream is elated, knowing that I’ve held on to her dream and have never let it go.


The streets, the architecture, the buildings and the people are all so captivating. Everything that I’ve imagined and so much more, right here before my very eyes. This feeling is electric!!



Flying through the night was a brilliant move. Being able to arrive in the morning and have the entire day ahead, turns out to be a wonderful start to this trip.


I must take a moment to acknowledge my first CHICified encounter in Paris. I present to you… The Airport Ladies Room! I must confess, I’m so taken by the sleek decor and the fabulous color combination, that I completely forget why I’m even in here. At this very moment, I know that this is going to be one heck of a city to explore.



While walking through these streets and flower shops and passing by all the eclectic boutiques and cafes, I’m realizing more and more that I feel right at home.


This day has been filled with colorful moments and memories.  Well, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do! 😉 Off to the cafe for supper, socializing and a recap of this amazing day.


_DSC0437The “highlight” of the evening, discovering that this is what 10pm looks like in Paris!

Perfection! 😉

***All images were taken by and belong to SHAYZON, our very own Editor-in-Chief.***


OUR CHICified 5!



Regardless of our walk in life, regardless of our current circumstance, regardless of the negative things we may have been told, all that matters are our desires, dreams, goals and determination.





INSPIRATION: The sartorial elegance and ingenuity that grace editorial pages, models and mannequins are great sources to inspire, dare and ignite our imaginations.








INSPIRATION: The beauty and creativity that opens our eyes to possibilities, while demonstrating a template for execution.







INSPIRATION: The magical layering of countless colors and petals. Delicately created with the power to exude happiness, love and appreciation. Equipped with the captivating ability to boldly make statements  while quietly transforming any mood.






INSPIRATION: A sparkle of life that gives clarity and motivation, while creating a visual to aspire to.







INSPIRATION: Intellectual exposure to mediums and textures beyond our comfort zone. Unique expressions which have the power to ignite our desire to create.




 “Continuous exposure to inspiration, along with insight to things that ignite dreams within us, is exactly what CHICified is about.” 


*images from around the web*

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