We’re Back! WTH 2020!? You Can’t Make This Up!

Posted on: October 1st, 2020 by SHAYZON

A very honest, transparent and vulnerable episode.  Personal things never publicly discussed before, walking away from it all, at the height of my career. Is there such a thing as having it all? Self, kids, family, successful career, happiness and “balance”?? Sacrifices made, are there regrets? The pandemic, mental health and coping. An open conversation about it all, with a very special guest.

You’re personally invited to celebrate with us for the return of THE SKINNI W/ SHAYZON! Plus, a great bonus bit of information about something you may be doing right now, that’s affecting you in ways you never knew before.

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Below are links to see just some of the amazing art work from today’s guest, Michael-René. He has been an artist and creative professional for 25yrs. As a HUGE history buff and a complete genius at “sofa” Jeopardy, he looks to the past to gain insight on how best to navigate the present. 🙂



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